Alien Encounters

Alien Encounters

Collection of video's surrounding the topics of alien contact and close encounter experiences

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Alien Encounters
  • Alien Abduction Account: Juan Perez & Paul Wallis

    We had the chance to sit down with Juan Perez from the film "witness of another world"

    Witness of Another World is an intimate documentary that intends to unveil the mystery of a spectacular close encounter case witnessed by a lonely gaucho.

    Filmmaker Alan Stivelman, moved by the story of Jua...

  • Ariel School Encounter | Zimbabwe - James Fox & Paul Wallis

    On September 16, 1994, there was a UFO sighting outside Ruwa, Zimbabwe. 62 pupils at the Ariel School aged between six and twelve claimed that they saw one or more silver craft descend from the sky and land on a field near their school.[ One or more creatures dressed all in black then approached ...

  • Alien Abductions | Steve Boucher & Paul Wallis

    Paul Wallis is joined by Steve Boucher on the 5thkind tv and reveals his shocking story! Is there a galactic federation? Did our ancient ancestors already know about these other beings?

  • E.T Contact & SSPs | Barbara Lamb & Mary Edwards

    Mary Edwards has a multi-generational relationship with outer space. Mary's daughter, Mary herself, her father and grandfather have all done significant work with NASA, going all the way back to the beginning. Her father and grandfather were Rocket scientists with associations with Albert Einstei...

  • The Juan Perez Encounter | Alan Stivelman & Paul Wallis

    Alan Stivelman joins Paul Wallis to discuss the events and encounter of Juan Perez from the documentary Witness of another world.

  • Paul Wallis | G.L Davies - Alien Abductions & E.T Contact

    Paul Wallis is joined by G.L Davies as they discuss Alien Abductions, E.T Contact, Paranormal Activity, and His latest Best Selling Book “Harvest” By G.L Davies. Full Interview at

    Check Out More From G.L. Davies (including his latest best-seller "Harvest" Here:

  • Alien Abduction Regressions | Barbara Lamb & Paul Wallis - Paul Wallis Interviews Hypnosis Regression Therapist Barbara Lamb about Alien Contact, Agenda's, Human Potential & Much More.

  • The Visitors | Whitley Strieber & Paul Wallis

    Paul Wallis and Whitley Strieber discuss Whitley’s shocking personal experience with "The Visitors" non human entities that made contact with Whitley.

    Whitley Strieber's Website👉
    Watch The Full Documentary “The Observers”👉 on Amazon U.S...

  • Paul Wallis & Anthony Barrett - UK April 2023

    Part 1 - Paul Wallis & Anthony Barrett meet in person to discuss Paul's latest book "the Eden Conspiracy", Alien contact, UFO sightings and more! April 2023 - United Kingdom

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  • Alien Abductions & Ancient Knowledge - Paul Wallis

    Ancient tales of abductions can be found in cultures all over the world. The Mami Wata people of West Africa. The Philippine legends of the “Diwatas” The biblical accounts of the “Watchers” and the “Nephilim” just to name a few.

    The Bene Elohim "ones like the powerful ones" come down to planet ...