Interviews & Talk Shows

Interviews & Talk Shows

Watch our full, exclusive and in-depth interviews featuring great minds such as Paul Wallis, Erich Von Daniken, Whitley Strieber, Richard Dolan, Billy Carson, Matthew LaCroix, Mauro Biglino and many more!

Interviews & Talk Shows
  • Alien Abduction Regressions | Barbara Lamb & Paul Wallis - Paul Wallis Interviews Hypnosis Regression Therapist Barbara Lamb about Alien Contact, Agenda's, Human Potential & Much More.

  • Alien Abductions | Steve Boucher & Paul Wallis

    Paul Wallis is joined by Steve Boucher on the 5thkind tv and reveals his shocking story! Is there a galactic federation? Did our ancient ancestors already know about these other beings?

  • Matthew LaCroix - Lost Secrets of Ancient History

    Matthew LaCroix & Paul Wallis. Do ancient cultures all around the world document a similar memory of contact with advanced beings? What secrets and knowledge has been lost in our ancient past? In this video Paul Wallis and Matt Lacroix discuss our ancient history, lost cities, ancient narrativ...

  • UFO Investigator Nick Pope & Paul Wallis

    In this exclusive interview Nick Pope indulges topics including ancient aliens and ufo’s in the bible. The incredible and vast amount of UFO / UAP cases, witness reports and high level testimonies that are out in the open.

    Alien abduction accounts and the latest developments surrounding disclosu...

  • Religions & E.T Gods - Matthew LaCroix & Paul Wallis

    On this episode of Mastermind Discussions, Matt LaCroix is joined by writer/researcher Paul Wallis to discuss the corruption of the Abrahamic Religions, ET gods, spiritual enlightenment, and his latest book: The Scars of Eden. Paul and Matthew dive deep into the secrets of antiquity and the myste...

  • Knowledge of Ancient Civilizations | Matthew LaCroix & Paul Wallis

    Matthew Lacroix and Paul Wallis meet for the first time to discuss ancient civilizations, forbidden knowledge of history, Anunnaki Gods and much more in this live broadcast.

  • Ariel School Encounter | Zimbabwe - James Fox & Paul Wallis

    On September 16, 1994, there was a UFO sighting outside Ruwa, Zimbabwe. 62 pupils at the Ariel School aged between six and twelve claimed that they saw one or more silver craft descend from the sky and land on a field near their school.[ One or more creatures dressed all in black then approached ...

  • Contact | Witness of Another World

    This encounter left him with something that he can never forget.. This video features Alan Stivelman, Dr. Jacques Vallée, Juan Pérez and Paul Wallis.

    Watch the Full Film Here:

    Witness of Another World is an intimate documentary that intends to unveil the mystery ...

  • Alien & UFO Encounters | Paul Wallis & Anthony Barrett

    Alien & UFO Encounters | Paul Wallis & Anthony Barrett recap on some of the past interviews and encounters experienced. Referencing - The Ariel school UFO encounter, Juan Perez and more.

  • The Juan Perez Encounter | Alan Stivelman & Paul Wallis

    Alan Stivelman joins Paul Wallis to discuss the events and encounter of Juan Perez from the documentary Witness of another world.