Recommended Videos & Documentaries

  • THE UFO COVERUP | Revelations & Covert Agendas

    Discover the enigmatic world of UFOs and the top-secret military intelligence units tasked with unravelling their mysteries. Join Paul Wallis on this deep dive into the untold story of David Grusch and the covert program analyzing UFO crash retrievals. From the Pentagon's long-hidden admission to...

  • Descendants of the Gods - Mauro Biglino presents: Translated and audio dubbed into English, Mauro Biglino - Descendants of the Gods

    For more information about Mauro Biglino and his works, please visit his website and YouTube channel here:

  • Elohim and Theoi - Mauro Biglino presents: Translated and audio dubbed into English, Mauro Biglino - Elohim and Theoi

    For more information about Mauro Biglino and his works, please visit his website and YouTube channel here:

  • Richard Dolan & Paul Wallis - Live Stream!

    Richard Dolan & Paul Wallis Live - 31/08/23 @ 8pm ET - 1am (1st sept) UK Time & 10am (1st sept) Australia . Who is really in control of our world? Richard Dolan drops info bombs in this revealing interview! Topics including - False flags, UFO's, Alien intentions,

  • Matthew LaCroix & Paul Wallis Live!

    Matt LaCroix & Paul Wallis Live Stream took place on the 15th August 8pm USA time 1am UK (16th) Time 10Am Australia (16th). Since then the video has been enhanced and re-uploaded / remastered.

    In 2017, the mysterious - megalithic ruins from an unknown civilization were discovered on the bottom ...

  • Ancient Civilizations Yolngu Labu and The Mimi Spirits

    Written and featuring Paul Wallis. How far back does human memory extend? How far back does the memory of Homo sapiens take us? Do we have a cultural memory of events prior to the most recent planetary cataclysm? Can we remember what life was like before the last Ice Age? And do we have any memor...

  • Asherah and the Sky Armies | Documentary 2023

    Asherah was honoured as an advanced being and is one of the many Elohim or "powerful beings" who's existence is recorded in the pages of the bible. El of Ekron, Akhkech of Egypt, Dagon of the Philistines and Yahweh El Shaddai of the tribes of Israel are all included in what the ancient biblical w...

  • The Maya, Ancient Civilizations & The Ark of The Covenant

    The question of the disappearance of the Maya culture has long fascinated historians and archaeologists. What caused the abandonment of these ancient cities? Why and to where did the Maya people vanish? What is the Ark of the covenant? what is inside it> and what can it do?

  • Paul Wallis & Mauro Biglino | Ruach - Ep 7

    Could passages in the Bible actually be telling us about technology witnessed in our ancient past? Episode 7 - Ruach. In this episode, Paul Wallis and Mauro Biglino present their research into the original translations and meanings of word “ruach” in the Hebrew Bible.

    Paul's Website & Books: ht...

  • The Prophecy of Hermes | Forced Forgetting

    Prophecy of Hermes | The Anunnaki & Forced Forgetting of the "Sky Beings" - The character Hermes laments the forgetting of a culture, a civilization and all the advanced knowledge and human development that it held.

    In the book of Joshua, we’re told that Joshua, the successor to Moses calls upo...

  • Interstellar - Alien Science | Space Documentary

  • Human Evolution | The Anunnaki Intervention

    Since the time of Darwin questions of human evolution have fascinated scientists. When did humans learn to speak, and ask question; think in abstract terms, and perform feats of engineering. When did humans learn to archive and build their collective knowledge.

    It is clear that a gap exists in o...

  • Consciousness, Mystics and the Akashic Records

    Can humans unwillingly be Knowing of the Unknown: What is consciousness? In this documentary we look at the mysteries of Consciousness, Secrets of mysticism and The Akashic Record..

  • God vs Satan | Dragons & Serpents In The Bible

    Do the Bible and many ancient narratives around the world tell a story of humanities contact with Ancient Aliens? Why is the serpent of Genesis 3 so often equated with evil, with the Devil or Satan. Nothing in the Genesis story makes that equation. So where does that association come from?

    For m...