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  • Dark Alliance | The Alien Treaty

    Did president Eisenhower sign a secret treaty with an alien species? Find out more about Paul and his work by visiting his personal website https://paulanthonywallis.com/

  • The Varginha UFO incident | James Fox & Paul Wallis

    The Varginha UFO incident involves a series of events in 1996 when various citizens of Varginha, Brazil reported seeing one or more strange creatures and at least one unidentified flying object (UFO). Stories in the media claimed that one or more extraterrestrial beings were later captured by the...

  • UFO's & False Flags - Richard Dolan & Paul Wallis

    Join us in this energy-packed, deeply revealing interview with 5th Kind Host Paul Wallis - Joined by the World Renown Author, investigative researcher, and a true gent: The one and only Richard Dolan! Discussing UFOs, False Flags and Alien agenda's!

  • UFO Investigator Nick Pope & Paul Wallis

    In this exclusive interview Nick Pope indulges topics including ancient aliens and ufo’s in the bible. The incredible and vast amount of UFO / UAP cases, witness reports and high level testimonies that are out in the open.

    Alien abduction accounts and the latest developments surrounding disclosu...

  • UFO's, E.T's & Encounters - Paul Wallis & James Fox

    Paul Wallis & James Fox Discuss Prominent Cases of UFO Sightings, Encounters & E.T Contact, documented in the new hit documentary "The Phenomenon" Go to: https://thephenomenonfilm.com/ To Watch the Full Documentary by James Fox.

  • Contact | Witness of Another World

    This encounter left him with something that he can never forget.. This video features Alan Stivelman, Dr. Jacques Vallée, Juan Pérez and Paul Wallis.

    Watch the Full Film Here: https://geni.us/Watch_Witness

    Witness of Another World is an intimate documentary that intends to unveil the mystery ...

  • Richard Dolan & Paul Wallis - Live Stream!

    Richard Dolan & Paul Wallis Live - 31/08/23 @ 8pm ET - 1am (1st sept) UK Time & 10am (1st sept) Australia . Who is really in control of our world? Richard Dolan drops info bombs in this revealing interview! Topics including - False flags, UFO's, Alien intentions,

  • Alien & UFO Encounters | Paul Wallis & Anthony Barrett

    Alien & UFO Encounters | Paul Wallis & Anthony Barrett recap on some of the past interviews and encounters experienced. Referencing - The Ariel school UFO encounter, Juan Perez and more.