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Q & A with Paul Wallis! Part One - July 2024

Paul Wallis • 24m

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  • Q & A with Paul Wallis! 04th May 2024

    Thank you all for your questions! Here is Episode One of Paul Wallis Q & A! Reincarnation, blood sacrifices, Miracles of Jesus and many more excellent topics in this revealing question and answer session with Paul Wallis

    Questions answered in this video:

    "Hi Paul, I'd love to know your insig...

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    Was Jesus an Alien? ET's, Star Children & Giants | Paul Wallis
    If we live in a populated universe, where does Jesus fit? Was he an ET? Because of what I put forward in ESCAPING FROM EDEN and THE SCARS OF EDEN people sometimes ask about my spiritual beliefs. Where do questions of Bible translation...

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    The question of the disappearance of the Maya culture has long fascinated historians and archaeologists. What caused the abandonment of these ancient cities? Why and to where did the Maya people vanish? What is the Ark of the covenant? what is inside it> and what can it do?