Paul Wallis

Paul Wallis

Discover the intriguing work of Paul Anthony Wallis on 5th Kind TV, featuring a selection of documentaries and interviews both narrated and written by him. Explore his unique insights on spirituality, ancient knowledge, and more.

Dive into the profound explorations of Paul Anthony Wallis with this exclusive playlist on 5th Kind TV. Comprising documentaries written, narrated, and featuring Paul, this collection unveils his in-depth analyses and narratives on ancient civilizations, spirituality, and human origins. Paul Wallis offers viewers a gateway to ancient wisdom through a contemporary lens. Ideal for enthusiasts of history, spirituality, and the mysteries of our past, this playlist promises to enrich your understanding and provoke thought on various intriguing subjects.

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Paul Wallis
  • Q & A with Paul Wallis! 04th May 2024

    Thank you all for your questions! Here is Episode One of Paul Wallis Q & A! Reincarnation, blood sacrifices, Miracles of Jesus and many more excellent topics in this revealing question and answer session with Paul Wallis

    Questions answered in this video:

    "Hi Paul, I'd love to know your insig...

  • Was Jesus an Alien? Paul Wallis

    Was Jesus an Alien? ET's, Star Children & Giants | Paul Wallis
    If we live in a populated universe, where does Jesus fit? Was he an ET? Because of what I put forward in ESCAPING FROM EDEN and THE SCARS OF EDEN people sometimes ask about my spiritual beliefs. Where do questions of Bible translation...

  • The Maya, Ancient Civilizations & The Ark of The Covenant

    The question of the disappearance of the Maya culture has long fascinated historians and archaeologists. What caused the abandonment of these ancient cities? Why and to where did the Maya people vanish? What is the Ark of the covenant? what is inside it> and what can it do?

  • Paul Wallis & Mauro Biglino | Ruach - Ep 7

    Could passages in the Bible actually be telling us about technology witnessed in our ancient past? Episode 7 - Ruach. In this episode, Paul Wallis and Mauro Biglino present their research into the original translations and meanings of word “ruach” in the Hebrew Bible.

    Paul's Website & Books: ht...

  • The Ararat Civilization.Matt LaCroix, Paul Wallis Billy Carson & Brien Foerster

    Join Billy Carson, Matthew LaCroix, Paul Wallis and Brien Foerster go on a journey to uncover the secrets of the Lost Ararat Civilization of Turkey, and connect it to nearly every ancient civilization of deep antiquity. From the origin point of the first cross, to the bloodline descendants of the...

  • The Juan Perez Encounter | Alan Stivelman & Paul Wallis

    Alan Stivelman joins Paul Wallis to discuss the events and encounter of Juan Perez from the documentary Witness of another world.

  • Jesus in India Ep 4 - Lost Gospels

    What connects Christianity with Tantric Buddhism? The canonical accounts of Jesus' crucifixion, state that Jesus' body while on the cross was stabbed to check for a response and that no response was detected. What was noted is that blood flowed from the stab wound, along with clear fluid. What do...

  • Jesus in India Ep 5 - History & Tropes

    How do we weigh the Indian claims about Jesus against the Biblical stories of Jesus? Is the story of Jesus really just a remix of stories of mythical figures such as Horus, Osiris, Romulus and Dionysus? How could Apostle Paul quote the Mahaparinirvanasutra before it was written? And how can we k...

  • Jesus in India Ep 2 - Before Christianity

    What did Jesus do in his missing years? Did he spend time in India? Join Paul Wallis in episode 2 of the series, as he explores the history and mysteries surrounding Jesus and his life.

    Find out more about Paul and his work by visiting his personal website

  • Judgment Day | Alien Contact 2024 Documentary By Paul Wallis

    This latest Documentary by Paul Wallis explores the Pentagon's recent disclosures about extraterrestrial contact. This documentary highlights testimonies from military and government insiders, examining the implications of public acknowledgment of extraterrestrials. It investigates the secretive ...

  • Jesus in India Ep 3 - Resurrection

    Was Jesus Resurrected? What does Joseph of Arimathea have to do with Jesus' possible survival of the crucifixion? Why does Apostle Paul quote from a Buddhist source to attest to the story of Jesus? Do English and Indian claims challenge orthodox Christianity or inform it?

    Find out more about Pau...

  • Paul Wallis & Praveen Mohan Interview (Produced)

    In a captivating dialogue, Paul Wallis, an esteemed author and theologian renowned for his investigations into ancient scriptures and extraterrestrial theories, engages with Praveen Mohan, a leading figure in exploring ancient mysteries and advanced technologies. Their conversation represents a c...

  • Paul Wallis & Praveen Mohan livestream!

    Paul Wallis is joined by Praveen Mohan! Praveen Mohan has built up a channel of 1.88 Million Subscribers for people interested in the off-curriculum knowledge carried by the megalithic societies of ancient India and Asia. He has some great information. It will be a stimulating conversation as Pau...

  • The Nephilim | Gilgamesh and Kandahar Giant - Paul Wallis Documentary 2024

    In this 2024 Documentary Paul Wallis shines a light on the forbidden history of giants within archelogy, ancient text, mythologies and actual encounters.

    The Kandahar Giant
    In 2002, a US Special Operations unit, the Army Green Berets, encountered a giant hominid in the Kandahar mountains of Af...

  • Paul Wallis & Mauro Biglino Livestream - 14th December 2023

    In this conversation, Paul Wallis & Mauro Biglino will explore topics such as the Garden of Eden story in the Bible, Adam and Eve, the tree of knowledge, the serpent and the apple. Revealing fascinating research and changing our understanding our ancient history!

  • Why Are They Here? Documentary Paul Wallis

    Are Aliens watching humanity? How Long have they been here and what is it that they want? - New Documentary by Paul Wallis

  • Reclaiming Ancient Wisdom - Paul Wallis

    Paul Wallis presents his talk on Reclaiming Ancient Wisdom - with Host Neil Gaur in this live event that took place in collaboration with Portal to Ascension. Check out for more live events, conferences and talks.

  • THE UFO COVERUP | Revelations & Covert Agendas

    Discover the enigmatic world of UFOs and the top-secret military intelligence units tasked with unravelling their mysteries. Join Paul Wallis on this deep dive into the untold story of David Grusch and the covert program analyzing UFO crash retrievals. From the Pentagon's long-hidden admission to...

  • Richard Dolan & Paul Wallis - Live Stream!

    Richard Dolan & Paul Wallis Live - 31/08/23 @ 8pm ET - 1am (1st sept) UK Time & 10am (1st sept) Australia . Who is really in control of our world? Richard Dolan drops info bombs in this revealing interview! Topics including - False flags, UFO's, Alien intentions,

  • Paul Wallis & Anthony Barrett - UK April 2023

    Part 1 - Paul Wallis & Anthony Barrett meet in person to discuss Paul's latest book "the Eden Conspiracy", Alien contact, UFO sightings and more! April 2023 - United Kingdom

    Get Your copy of the Eden Conspiracy Here -

  • Ancient Civilizations Yolngu Labu and The Mimi Spirits

    Written and featuring Paul Wallis. How far back does human memory extend? How far back does the memory of Homo sapiens take us? Do we have a cultural memory of events prior to the most recent planetary cataclysm? Can we remember what life was like before the last Ice Age? And do we have any memor...

  • Asherah and the Sky Armies | Documentary 2023

    Asherah was honoured as an advanced being and is one of the many Elohim or "powerful beings" who's existence is recorded in the pages of the bible. El of Ekron, Akhkech of Egypt, Dagon of the Philistines and Yahweh El Shaddai of the tribes of Israel are all included in what the ancient biblical w...

  • God, Aliens & Mysticism | Paul Wallis

    Does acknowledging ETs leave room for God? Should be a simple yes/no answer, right? But the way Christian mysticism speaks sounds at times more like Quantum Physics and the Unified Field. So what's it all about?

    Find out more about Paul and his work by visiting his personal website https://paul...

  • Knowledge of Ancient Civilizations | Matthew LaCroix & Paul Wallis

    Matthew Lacroix and Paul Wallis meet for the first time to discuss ancient civilizations, forbidden knowledge of history, Anunnaki Gods and much more in this live broadcast.